About Us


TRENDING pharmaceuticals is a global supplier of pharmaceutical products and OTC items. We are established on strong and worldwide customers and headquartered in Taiwan.

At TRENDING, we committed to increasing access to high-quality healthcare for people across the globe. We do this by efficient supply chain management and providing affordable generic drugs and specialty pharmaceuticals.

Our Business

We cooperate with many accredited pharmaceutical companies in the world. Our superior product supply is backed by our impressive global suppliers, ensuring the highest quality and accessibility to medicines.

With understanding of different countries’ regulation, TRENDING’s specialty medicines business is focused on government tender in all key regions and markets around the world.

Commercial Capabilities

All of our suppliers have stringent manufacturing, distribution and monitoring requirements to ensure all procedures that compliance with PIC/S regulation. By rigorous filtering, selection and monitoring, we believe we can offer our partner high quality products with competitive price and complete documents for registration. Collaborating with TRENDING, partners can focus on marketing and distribution more efficiently and reducing supply chain management cost.

No matter you are supplier or buyer, we are highly confident that TRENDING is your best partner. We share what we have and support you to win success in market. Contact us now, if you need to source pharmaceutical products or trying to find the global buyers.


Management Team

TRENDING pharmaceuticals’ management team is committed to operating with integrity and dedication to find opportunities for partners by identifying, developing and commercializing innovative products in focused medical areas.

Our management team has broad experience and a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry over 20 years. Each of our team member is expert in regulatory and clinical affairs, product marketing and sales. This group of talented individuals combines their industry expertise and working together to drive toward one goal—serving the needs of partners.